What is FEP Heat Shrink, and how does it work?

FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) heat shrink tubing is chosen particularly for its lower shrink temperature than other heat shrinks such as PTFE. FEP also has greater flexibility, optical clarity, and high lubricity in comparison to PFA.

FEP Heat shrink Performance, parameters: Volume resistance>1018ΩM, surface resistance>1013Ω, arc resistance>165 seconds, no leakage, low friction coefficient of kinetic friction, 0.2-0.3, non-stick, water, oil-water contact angle θ=114о, non-flammable air will not burn (oxygen index >95VOL%), the shrink ratio is 1.7:1

Application Teflon FEP heat-shrinkable tube has outstanding wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature performance, especially suitable for high temperature performance occasions, used for insulation protection and pressure relief at connection welds and identification of coated components