Neoprene Foam Sponge Tube

Neoprene Foam Tubes are ideal for Bike racks, hand grips, storage rack protection, gym equipment, paint stands, pipe insulation. This softer foam is great for walking frames and applications that require a softer grip. Neoprene foam has good resistance to ozone and UV and is suitable for outdoor applications.

Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Foam Cord

This black, closed cell, expanded Neoprene Sponge Rubber Cord is used in a wide variety of gap filling/sealing applications.  It is flexible with good tear and chemical resistance, along with good temperature resistance.  It also has good ageing properties which means it will not deteriorate or go brittle with time.

Example uses include Internal & External DIY Window and Door Draught Excluding, Kit Car Use, Hobby Craft, Cushioning, Packing, General Gap Filling, Anti-Vibration, Noise Suppression, Dust & Air Seals, Engineering and other DIY projects in the home, garden, garage & office.  (It is the customers responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use).

Closed Cell Sponge Foam – Making the cord weatherproof & waterproof  (Closed cells are pockets of gas that are completely surrounded by the solid material, making each cell sealed from each other and therefore unable to adsorb liquid).


Good Flexibility – Average Density is 0.6g/cm3+/-0.05


Shore : 30+/-5C


Temperature Range -25C to +100C


Good Resistance to Cold, Air, UV, Dilute Acids/Alkalis, Animal/Vegetable/Fuel Oils

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