Transparent ETFE Tubing

ETFE fluorine Tubing with excellent chemical stability, heat resistance, not sticky, lubricity, pervious to light, light,electric insulation, weather resistance and self-cleaning, aging resistance, light and low grinding.ETFE Tube has many excellent properties and used in many fields. Weather Resistance — Used in 150 ℃ -180 ℃ Chemical Resistance — Tolerance outside all kinds of harsh conditions Not sticky — After mold, PTFE hose product surface bright and clean and no pollution It can work long under 150oC . Speical chemical stability,non-stick, lubricating ,dielectric ,aging resistance and low friction.

ETFE Tubing Properties:

1.Can be used at hight temperature over 200oC
2.Can stop mold bleed
3.Excellent ensile and tear strength
4.Oustanding non-stick
5.Non-toxicity for envirenment
6.Non flammability


ETFE Pipe  suitable for the high performance requirements of the aircraft wall and other carbon firber forming isolation . flexible solar cell encapsulation ,FPC releasing encapsulation, Membrane structure and Agriculture greenhouse etc.


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