UV Permeable SLA DLP 3D Resin Printer FEP Film

Thicknesses from 0.03mm to 0.3mm
* Excellent thermal stability: Usable throughout a wide thermal range -200 to +200°C (-328 to +392°F)
* Chemical Inertness: Resists almost all chemicals, such as strong acid, strong alkali, salt, and organic solvent.
* Anti-stick property: The lowest surface energy of all plastic films; displays excellent mould release and anti-stick    properties.
* Electrical reliability: High electrical insulation characterised by low-dialectic constant and dissipation factor and      by high dialectic strength over a wide range of temperature and frequency.

3D Printer FEP Film

Resistance to weathering: Inert to outdoor exposure; with unchanged mechanical and physical properties after 10 years.
* Non-flammability: Will not burn in air or gas having an oxygen concentration of less than 95%.
* High transparency: Transparent, with excellent transmission of ultraviolet rays and visible rays; lowest          refractive index of all plastic films; characterised by very low light reflection.
Usage :
Mainly used in electrical components, wire insulation, 3D Printer ,Wind Energy  , semiconductor green house  , LED, Building Membrane struction . solar photovoltaic modules


Surface treatment for bonding applications.(sizes from 0.03mm to 0.3mm treated by corona discharge, larger sizes chemically etched)
Pigmented films available for specialist applications (e.g. release film) red, white, black, chromed.
Perforated films available for release film applications.

Standard Specifications of FEP Film

Thickness Size and width
mm inches Width (mm)
0.03 0.0012 400-800
0.05 0.002 400-800
0.1 0.004 400-1200
0.15 0.006 400-800
0.2 0.008 400-800
0.25 0.01 400-1200
0.3 0.012 400-800

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