NBR Sponge Tubing

Advantages Of NBR foam rubber tube 

Low Conductivity Factor
Good Fire-blocking
Good Vibration Resistance
Closed Pore Foaming
Good Damp-proof Property
Good Pliability
Good Anti-bending
High Density
Beautiful Appearance
Easy to Install
Acid and Alkali Resistance
Safety and Environmental Protection ,etc

NBR Sponge tube  is made by NBR/PVC  with excellent performance as its main row material.

Served with varied subsidiary materials of high quality,

the tube foam is made by special craft foam and feels very soft.

NBR Foam tube can be used in many aspects such as:

sports toy, exercises machines, vanity/luggage, medical equipment, electronic lighting, auto parts, cleaning

tools, handcart/children’s cart, stationery, gardening, doors and windows sealing, makeup, etc.

We can supply rubber foam products according to clients’ specific requirements

in terms of shapes, colors, hardness levels and other features

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