Silicone Sponge Sheet In Rolls Silicone Rubber Foam Sheet

Silicone Sponge Sheet

Silicone sponge closed-cell is an excellent Material for gasketing applications that require soft to extra-film compressible material , it is resistant to extreme temperatures and offers good Compression set to general industry standards

Features & Benefits:

Excellent General Purpose Gasket

Extreme High & Low Temperature Resistance

UV & OZONE Resistant

Wide Range of Thickness ,and widths


Die Cutting Silicone sponge Sheet

Thickness mm     2mm to 12mm  (Tolerance : +0.2mm )

Width :      Max : 914mm

Production Color  ,Red  ,White , Black , Grey

Density : 0.55g/cm3  ,Hardness : 25 Shore C

Temperature resistance : -50 to 250C

Compression Deflection : 5 to 9 PSI

Compression Set, % :   29%

Tensile Strength :  90 PSI

Elongation %  150%

Water  Absorption %    5%

Surface finish     Texture

*Thickness over 12.0 mm is achieve through the lamination of multiple material layers.

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