How about FEP Attributes ?

FEP This material does not ignite and prevents the spread of flames. It has excellent wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and can be used from low temperature to 392F. The material can be made into granular products for extrusion and molding, used as powder for fluidized bed and electrostatic coating, and can also be made into water dispersion. Semi-finished products include films and plates. Rod and single fiber. Its main purpose is to make linings for pipes and chemical equipment, surface layers of drums and various wires and cables, such as aircraft hook wires, booster cables, alarm cables, flat cables and oil well logging cables. FEP film has been used as a thin coating for solar collectors.


Polyperfluoroethylene propylene FEP or F46 is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. The content of hexafluoropropylene is about 15%. It is a modified material of polytetrafluoroethylene.


F-46 resin not only has similar characteristics to PTFE, but also has good processing properties of thermoplastics. Therefore, it makes up for the deficiencies of the difficult processing of PTFE, making it a material that replaces PTFE, and is widely used in the production of wires and cables for electronic equipment transmission wires used under high temperature and high frequency, connecting wires inside electronic computers, Insulation layer of aerospace wires and special purpose installation wires, oil pump cables and winding wires of submersible motors.

According to processing needs, F-46 can be divided into three types: pellets, dispersions and paints. Among them, the pellets can be used for molding, extrusion and injection molding according to their melt index; the dispersion is used for dipping and sintering; the paint is used for spraying, etc.